The Tale of Two Capital Cities



Girivrajapur is the capital of Magadha Empire and Pataliputra is the capital of Gupta Empire. They were identified as ONE by the British historians purposely.
Wrong identification of Chandra Gupta Maurya of Maurya Dynasty with Gupta Chandra Gupta of Gupta Dynasty by the British Historians. In the same way Pataliputra the Capital of Maurya and Nanda Dynasties of Magadha Empire which was wrong. In fact It was Girvrajapur which was the Capital of Magadha Empire ruled by Chandra Gupta Maurya and Nanda Dynasties. Pataliputra was the Capital of Gupta Chandra Gupta Gupta Dynasty. On account of this confusion of the mistaken identity of Girivrajapur and Pataliputra which was actually Two different Capital Cities of Two different Dynasties.

The Magadha Kingdom was established 6000 yrs ago and it was ruled with Grivrajapur as the capital city by eight Maurya Dynasties commencing with barhadradha king and ending with Andhra Dynasty alone for 600 years. All the puranas ended the narration of the history of Magadha Kingdom with Andhra Dynasty. It was mentioned nowhere in the puranas that Pataliputra was their capital. It was only the Girivrajapur as the capital as the Capital City that all the eight Maurya Dynasties that ruled the Magadha Kingdom.

According to the Puranas the last Andhra Kings of Magadha empire was Chadra Sri and his minor son Pulaloman III. King Chandragupta of Gupta Dynasty killed them in a war and annexed a portion of Magadha to his own Territory which he included pataliputra. He could not get mastery over the whole of Magadha empire. So he left Girivrajapur and made Pataliputra as the capitalcity. Chandra Gupta Maurya and his successors had Girivrajapur as their Capital and never Patalipoutra. The puranas also uniformly mentioned Girivrajapur as the capital Magadha Empire and mentioned Pataliputra nowhere.

The puranas say the Twelve generations before Mahabharata war, Barhadradha, the Son of Uparichara Vasu founded the Magadha Empire with Girivrajapur as his Capital. Twenty Two kings of his Dynasty ruled over the empire with Girivrajapur as the Capital for 1000 years. Next to them Pradyota Dynasty took over the Empire. After that the Sisunaga Dynasty from Kasi ruled over the Empire Three hundred and sixty years. The last Sisunaga King Maha Nandi and his Son Maha Padma Nanda took over . He had been the originator of Nanda Dynasty. The Nanda Dynasty which included Maha Padma Nanda and his sons ruled for a century from Girivrajapur. Vishnu Gupta alias Chanakya took up the cause of Chandra Gupta the son of Mura, the second wife of Maha Padma Nanda. Chanakya dethroned the King Maha Padma Nanda and his eight Sons and made Chandra Gupta Maurya the Emperor of Magadha with Girivrajapur as his Capital. After the Maurya Dynasty came the Sunga Dynasty, Kanwa Dynasty and Andhra Dynasty. Gupta Chandra Gupta killed the Andhra Emperor Chandra Sri and annexed a portion of Magadha including Pataliputra. Later on Magadha Empire divided into small kingdoms and the city of Girivrajapur lost its importance.

It was fabricated by British historians that during Chandra Gupta’s reign(of Gupta Dynasty) that Alexander came during the period of 326 and 323 B.C. As there was a mutiny in the army of Alexander there was no possibility of Chandra Gupta encountering Alexander and the distance between Pataliputra and Punjab is more than 2000 miles. There was no historical evidence to prove that Alexander marched all the way with his army for about two thousand miles to attack Chandra Gupta as he was defeated by Purushotham, the King of Punjab, and Alexander was mortally wounded and died in Bharat and his army dissolved into small groups to escape through the sea route and land route back to Macedonia. (Please refer my article “ Alexander the Invader”) .

Here also the British historians wrongly identified Chandra Gupta Maurya who ruled in the year 1534 B.C. with Gupta Chandra Gupta who ruled during the period of 323 – 326 B.C. as there was a difference of 1208 years between their rules. Samudra Gupta encountered Seluces and defeated him. Seluces gave Samudra Gupta his territory extending from Indus to Persia. He also gave his daughter in marriage and entered into an alliance with him. He sent his embassadors to Pataliputra like Megasthenes . Pataliputra developed as Capital of Gupta empire and Megasthanes described it i8n glorious terms. Hence the historical fact that Megasthenes resided at Pataliputhra and that he was at the court of Gupta kings and not in the court of Maurya Chandra Gupta. This historical absurdity must be set right .

These mistaken identities gave rise to many errors and blunders. There was a clear attempt by British historians and a plot to destroy a history of 1208 years beween Maurya Dynasty and Gupta Dynasty. They sowed the seeds of dis belief and distrust concerning the authenticity and veracity of purana’s, Indian Era’s and Buddhist records. The modern historians should rectify these errors and redeem past errors and it is never too late to correct these historical blunders and others.


2 thoughts on “The Tale of Two Capital Cities

  1. mknehru says:

    many ,many thanks sir –you are as usual doing a great job by bringing facts to the knowledge of Indians –yes true their are many distortions in indian history created by foreigners –I hope you will continue the same –thanks again

  2. ramakrishnaswami says:

    Thanks for bringing facts to the fore. Will you please give me the details where it comes in purana about the 8 dynasties of king ruled maghada and Girivrajapur the capital for them. If possible the slokas.

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