The Historic meeting of Vivekananda with Kranti veer Shyamji Krishna Varma

                      The Historic meeting of Vivekananda

                   with Kranti veer Shyamji Krishna Varma

                     at Ajmer in Rajastan in December 1891 –

             Vivekananda’s seismic undercurrents of Influence

                    on the life of Shyamji Krishna Varma –

                              an influence in   retrospect.


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        After  a little over two and a half months at Khetri, Rajastan, the Swami felt that he must go forth into the wide world again, unattached. He left Khetri towards the end of October, and went to Ajmer, where he stayed for about three weeks. First he stayed for three or four days with Har Bilas Sarda’s friend, Shyamji Krishna Varma. Mr. Sarda’s reminesences, relating to swami’s

Visit Ajmer in November and December 1891, run as follows:

            I met the Swami more than once at Mount Abu and again at Ajmer. I met swami Vivekananda four times. I went to mount Abu to stay with my friend Mukund Singh, who was staying at Mount Abu for the hot season. When I reached there, I found Swami Vivekananda staying with Mukund Singh. Mukund Singh was an Arya Samajist. I stayed with my friend for about ten days and we, Swamiji and I, were together there and talked about various subjects. I was about twenty one years old then and was impressed by Swami Vivekananda’s personality. He was a most delightful talker and was very well informed. We used to go out for our afternoon walks. After dinner the first day , Swami Vivekananda gave a song at Mukund Singh’s request. He sang in a most melodious tone, which gave me a great delight. I was charmed by his songs, and every day I begged him to sing one or two songs. His musical voice and his manner have left a lasting impression on me. We some times talked about Vedanta.  Swami Vivekananda’s talks on Vedanta greatly interested me. His views on various subjects were most welcome to me, as they were very patriotic. He was full of love motherland and Hindu culture. The time I passed in his company was one of the most pleasant times I have passed in my life. His independence of character particularly impressed me. He is a most pleasant companion. He had large luminous eyes and discoursed eloquently on religious and philosophical subjects. I was charmed by Swami Vivekananda’s songs. What delighted me was his singing. He had a musical and melodious voice and I was greatly entranced by his singing. From Ajmer he went to Bombay presidency.

            The next time I met Swami Vivekananda was at Ajmer. He was my guest for two or three days. I remember asking him what his name was before he became a sanyasa. He gave it to me… he left me and went away to Beawar. Sri Shyamji Krishna Varma, one of the most learned men I have met lived in Ajmer in those days, but had gone to Bombay, when the swamiji was with me. On his return, I spoke to him abou Swami Vivekananda’s learning, inspiring eloquence and patriotism and told him that he had left only two or three days ago and was in Beawar.  Shyamji Krishna Varma as if was instinctively drawn to Vivekananda by some unknown destiny had to go t Beawar the next day and promised with some premonition that he will bring Vivekananda with him back to Ajmer as though they were destined to meet to mould the history of freedom movement. The next day he returned to Ajmer with Swami Vivekananda. Swami Vivekananda  was his guest for about fourteen or fifteen days. Some mysterious transmission of thought might have taken place which changed Shyamji Krishna Varma. Later he was closely connected with bomb explosions in India. They used to go out for evening walk. He used to have most interesting discussions with him on such occasions about the predicament of the nation that prevailed at that time. He said:  Vivekananda will be a phenomenon in the world if I err not greatly”. They used to have long conversations  and talks on various subjects during the day and during afternoon walks. Swami Vivekananda’s eloquence, nationalistic attitude of mind and patriotism greatly greatly impressed Shyamji Krishna Varma. He was indirectly instrumental when Shyamji Krishna Varma changed his field of revolutionary activities to England.

            Not finding himself safe in India he slipped away to London. There he looked for dedicated young men who could be sent to lead revolution in India. He announced a ‘scholarship worth thousands of rupees. Vinayak Savarkar came to England on that scholarship. The famous revolutionary, lala Hardayal, rejected a scholarship offerd by Oxford University and accepted the scholarship offered by Shyamji Krishna Varma. London had now become a stronghold of Indian revolutionaries and Shyamji Krishna Varma was their chief.

            Shyamji Krishna Varma constructed a three storey building called “INDIA HOUSE” in London for the residence of Indian revolutionaries. It was a kind of free hostel for students where Indian revolutionaries were provided free boarding and Lodging facilities to work for the armed revolution. From here many revolutionaries carried on the movement in France also. Madame Cama and Sardar Singh Rana set up a good organization in France. In Germany they created an active group known as the “Berlin Committee”.


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One thought on “The Historic meeting of Vivekananda with Kranti veer Shyamji Krishna Varma

  1. Utpal Malakar says:

    Sir, It may be typo mistake that you have mentioned at the bigining of this article that First he stayed for three or four days with Har Bilas Sarda’s friend, Shyamji Krishna Varma. But what I get from Swamiji’s main biography “Life” that Swamiji first stayed with Sardiji at Ajmer and on return from Beawar to Ajmer, Swamiji stayed with Varmaji. this may please be clarified.

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