The Suicidal Unilateral Hindu Slogans

As per Arnold Joseph Toynbee, The British historian of civilizations, “Civilizations die from suicide not murder.” The most dangerous falsity being propagated by many Hindu religious leaders is that all religions are the same ( sarva dharma sama bhava) without realizing of what they profess and  what they practice and their geo political designs of grabbing our land and converting the Hindus by taking advantage of freedom of religion guaranteed in the constitution of India. This one sided (unilateral) and absurd declaration betrays ignorance about the dangerous malignant motives of other converting religions. This kind of unilateral universalism is not broadmindedness or graciousness. It is plain stupidity. And embracing and proclaiming unilateral  noble thoughts always by Hindus despite relentless attacks by other religions is self-destructive. This false hood emboldens and strengthens anti-Hindus and facilitates fraudulent conversions of Hindus in large numbers-en mass. Those claiming all religions to be the same are either ignorant or hideous hypocrites.

Besides, other major unilateral slogans like “ vasudhava kutumbakam (entire world is one family) and ekam sat viprah bahudha vidanti (truth is one but has many names) also suppress the grave danger from anti Hindu forces which are bent upon finishing Hinduism. As a result many Hindus ignorant of the basic theocratic tenets of proseletysing religions (like Christianity and islam) many Hindus are proclaiming that they respect all religions and are being converted  and married to non-Hindus.

Only solution :-  Hindus’ hypnotic obsession with unilateral Hindu slogans is leading to gradual liquidation of their religion and civilization. It is frustrating to find Hindus so self destructive as a community. Since sham secularism is a disaster only Hindu Bharat can protect Hindus, Hindu dharma, Hindu heritage, Hindi identity of Bharat and Hindu civilization. India must be transformed into vibrant Hindu Bharat.

And this transformation can be attained only with the relentless effort of a nationalist  organisation country wide, a nationalist mainstream media and a strong nationalist political party which will act as agencies of transformation of India into a Hindu republic of Bharat by all peaceful, constitutional and lawful methods.

Ancient Hindu way – India will conquer her conquerers

Arnold Joseph Toynbee (1889 – 1975) has stated that “only way of solution is the ancient Hindu way; and that at the close of twentieth century the world be dominated by the west, but in the 21st century “India will conquer her conquerors.”

Let us ensure that Hindu civilization survives and prevails; and prove that Arnold Joseph Toynbee was right in his assertion that in 21st century “India will conquer her conquerors.”

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