The cruel practice of Fratricide by Humayun and Aurangzeb

Humayun has inherited the throne from his father Baber and lost it to Shershaw. He recaptured the throne nearly 14 years later, only to die within six months of reaching Delhi. In history lessons we have been taught that Humayun was a drug addict and drunkard and was very headstrong, he would not listen to anybody. He was put into the habit of opium by the mother of his half brother Kamran, who was working on a plot to weaken Humayun. Kamran was the eldest half-brother and had resented Humayun inheriting the throne. Humayun had two other brothers Askari and Hindal. Humayun gave parts of the kingdom to them to keep peace in the clan. But the brothers hated him and plotted to rid of him .Humayun was too slow in taking action. His advisers saw his vacillation and urged him to make a decision.

If Babur had to surrender his sister Khanjada Shaibani khan to save his life and his followers Humayun surrendered his infant son Akbar, merely five months old to Kamran to save his family’s life. He recovered Akbar nearly a year later.           

Humayun was defeated by Sher Shah who chased him from Delhi and Agra. He moved literally like a vagabond, to Lahore Kandahar, Kabul and finally Persia. He was exiled to Persia by Kamran, who kept Akbar as surety. Humayun was forced to give up ‘Kohinoor’ to the Shah of Persia to earn the good will, who also forced him to become a Shia.With his support, Humayun made a comeback. Humayun snatched the girl whom Aksari loved all his life. The brothers never reconciled. Hindal was killed by Askari. Humayun sent Aksari to Mecca, where he never reached. It is believed that Humayun killed him. Kamran was blinded in both the eyes by Humayun’s orders and sent to Mecca. Sher Shah was by then was dead. Humayun raised a force and defeated Sikander Shah and reoccupied the throne. He died six months later, falling from the stairs in a drunken state of mind.

Fratricide committed by Aurangzeb

Aurangzeb usurped into power by imprisoning his father and brothers. He killed elder brother Darashiko in a ghastly and cruel manner. Dara, first born and heir to the throne loved and cherished by his father Shahjahan and respected by the people .Muslim historians charged him with offence of free thinking and heretical notions which he had adopted under name Tasuwwuf –Sufism ,but showed an inclination for the religion of Hindus. He was constantly in the society of Brahmins, jogis and sanyasis. He considered as being the word of God. He devoted all his time to these books and given up his prayers, fasting and other obligations imposed by law. So he was hunted from place to place and was caught and imprisoned. Dara and his son were paraded on the streets of Delhi on an old elephant covered with filth. Later that night two men entered the prince’s room, laid hands upon him neither compassion nor respect flung him to the ground and cut off his head. They carried the head in all haste to Aurangzeb’s presence. Such was the tragic fate meted out to prince Dara.    

Then his head was placed in a basket and sent to his father, when Shahjahan sat down to dinner Aurangzeb’s close aid  Itibarkhan raises basket at his dinner table and tells him that Aurangzeb has sent it. When the basket was opened he discovered the head of his beloved son Dara, he was horrified ,uttered a cry fell on his hands face up on the table, striking  against golden vessels, broke some of his teeth and lay there apparently lifeless. After regaining consciousness, he raised both hands to heaven and said ‘Khuda teri rasa’ that is to say’ My God thy will be done’, (Niccolao Manucci, storia de Mogal, vol.p341.) Shahjahan died on setember, 8, 1666, under imprisonment of his son.


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