Ireland : The Land of The Aryas

President De Valera has observed : “The Irish people have come from the eastern cradle of the Aryan race.”


In the national Library in Dublin, Bhikshu Chamanlal came across a book ‘Land and mystic charms of ireland’ by Lady Wilde ( Ward Dourney, London 1859). In its preface we have :”The present work deals only with the mythology, or the fantastic creed of the Irish respecting te invisble world, strange and mystical superstitions, brought thousands of years ago from the Aryan home, but which still even in the present time affect all the modes of thinking and acting in the daily life of the people.”


The official name of ireland is Irin, a derivation from Aryan. The Irish claim that their ancestors came from North India and Iran. They followed the course of Tigris and Euphrates and then via the Nile,  they came to Greece and the isles of the sea. They have the legend of the killing of the serpent by Krishna. Madame Wilde writes, “ The Hindus and their triad of Brahma, Vishnu and Siva representing the Sun at morning, noon and evening. So the Irish druids had their Triad of Bala, Budh and Grian and they called the May Festival la Budha na Baal tinnae, ( The day of Budha and the Baal fires).”


Cow was held sacred in Ireland as in India. In Irish mythology we have their story of their Goddess Etain. When she fell ill, she remained ill for thousand five hndred years. “Then came the Gods of the Sea and Earth from India with two cows and she was cured with their milk.” This would indicate that some 1500 years after the land was peopled by the Aeyans, cow was introduced into Ireland by those who came from India via the sea.


The Irish also celebrated Cow-festival like our Gop-Ashtami. Madame Wilde writes “The Hindus had a cow festival when they walked round the animals with great ceremony always going westward while they flung garlands on their horns”. So in Ireland also there was the cow festivfl when the cows were decorated with Vermin and Rowan and were sprinkled with the first water drawn from the sacred well after midnight.This was considered an effective antidote to witchcraft and whoever suceeded in being the first at well, cast into it a tuft of grass called Cuishagrass (Cusha in Hindi) to show that the sacred water had been protected. So also Hindus esteemed Cusha grass as sacred and cast in into their well for a like purpose.”




By  Itihasa Bhushana Dr.S.D.Kulkarni

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