The Spiritual Miracle that makes river Ganga Holy.

The mahakumbh takes place on the banks of Ganga at Haridwar. Our scriptures say that Ganga provides salvation. “Salvation” must here be understood as beneficent organization of the “ unconscious”.

Bringing a piece of iron near the magnet leads to organization of the molecules in neat rows even though no change is visible from the outside. Similarly, the “unconscious mind” of the pilgrim gets beneficently organized by taking bath in Ganga. The many conflicting desires residing in his “unconscious mind” get settled in a clean and pure pattern. This is “salvation”.

This spiritual power of Ganga to organize the unconscious arises from the penance undertaken by the “rishis” on the banks of that river in the hills of uttarakhand. The atoms of the Himalayan mountains get organized and develop a psychic charge due to the penance of the Rishis undertaken there in the Himalayas. The rain water carried by the Ganga rubs against these Himalaya Mountains and the molecules of water get organized. Researchers at University of Arizona, U.S.A. have found that cells have the capacity to carry memory. The memory of the penance is carried by water of the Ganga as it flows rubbing against physically charged mountains. The inner self of the pilgrim gets similarly organized when the pilgrim takes bath in the Ganga. The Ganga acxts as a channel to connect the inner self of the pilgrim with the penance of the Rishis. The water of the Ganga imbibes the disturbances from the pilgrims’ inner self . The water becomes disturbed’ while the pilgrim becomes peaceful. This disturbance of the water is removed when the rishis take the bath in the Ganga. The special ability of the waters of the Ganga to make this exchange arises from the particular chemicals and bacteria that are found on the banks of the river Ganga.

Courtesy: This is how the water of Ganga maims a spiritual miracle.


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